H-HEDZ Sharksquad Announces FREE MINT!

H-Hedz Sharksquad
3 min readJun 4, 2022

GM Sharksquad fam! First off, if you’re reading this, thank you for being here 😎 We know many of you have been with us since the inception of our project, and many others have joined the Sharksquad along the way. The love and support from our community has gotten us to where we are now, and we’re still so early!

For all of us who’ve been in the NFT game for some time now, there’s at least one thing we know to be true… the market is ever changing. This young ecosystem has seen the kind of evolution that others might experience over the course of 10 years!

H-HEDZ Sharksquad, as an NFT project, started off over 7 months ago. Back in those days, a PFP NFT with really cool / high class artwork might be all you need to sell out a 10k collection for eye dropping 👀 prices. It was a vibe. Unfortunately, after mint date, most of those projects failed to maintain support for their communities. Big promises were made, yet never met. In some of the worst cases, it was clear investors had been “rug pulled”.

Over time, investors got smarter. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…” well, you know how the saying goes. Investors sought out NFT projects with quality utilities, clear and realistic roadmaps, and a doxxed team.

In the beginning of H-HEDZ, we knew our founder X1 digital had cooked up some of the coolest and highest quality artwork, to be released on the blockchain😎🦈 Over the course of our 7 month journey, we also knew that as the NFT market evolved, we needed to evolve as well. What started out as an idea for a kickass PFP project, has blossomed into a high quality, utility based, play-to-earn project, and here we are today continuing to evolve.

From day one, it was always our mission to have as many people join the Sharksquad as possible! Through our posts, updates, and founder AMA sessions, we’ve reiterated that this would be a project for the masses. We also know that many of you have been hurt by the recent down turn in the overall crypto market. The H-HEDZ team has witnessed many supporters in our community express how they wish they could afford to mint, and join the Sharksquad.

In light of all this, the team has been gathering at the deepest depths of the ocean 🌊 conjuring up a plan to show how much we love our community, and we’ve come to a conclusion.

We’ve decided that the best way to show our love and appreciation, is to release the H-HEDZ Sharks from their watery cages, in the form of a FREE MINT!!!

Yes, you read that correctly. The one and only, OG genesis drop of the H-HEDZ shark x humanoid avatars will be hitting the blockchain for FREE!!!

These are the same shark avatars you fell in love with upon joining the community. Among them a load of rarity traits and legendaries! Also, don’t forget, this will be a LIMITED collection and it’s completely randomized, so you never know who might be the lucky few to reel in a rare shark 😎

Terakuwa passes will still come with all the utilities we have laid out! The only difference is the shark avatar collection will now be open to the whole community to mint for free. A mint date for our second round of Terakuwa passes will be announced soon 😊

Again, we want to thank you for the love and support you continue to give us! We know now is the time for our community to enjoy our beautifully designed shark x humanoid avatars. So tell your family and friends, spread the word! Let’s mint out our Sharksquad, and from there, well, from the SEA to the MOON!!!🚀🦈🎆🌊

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/hhedznft



H-Hedz Sharksquad

H-Hedz is a collection of 8,999 unique and rare hammerhead shark and human hybrid NFTs crafted by a group of Filipino 3D animators called X1-Digital.