The Explosive Month of April

As we now reach the mid of May, the H-Hedz marketing has a message for everyone. “Papunta pa lang tayo sa exciting part!” But let’s take this moment to look back at the eventful month of April.

Riding on the momentum built during the first three weeks, the H-Hedz team aimed to finish the month with a blast, and so we did. As the whole H-Hedz family saw more and more of the product, everyone’s enthusiasm continued to pick up, including the marketing team.

April proved to be a month of building anticipation and excitement. Every day was a challenge, and every conquered goal served as fuel for the next day. As landing a successful collaboration or partnership became more challenging, the team’s grit and strategizing prowess became more evident.

Not a day went by that we did not connect to a potential partner. We rang the doorbells of different NFT camps from sunup to sundown. Some of them share the artsy savviness of the H-Hedz. One group features NFT collections with an edgy artsy tinge to them, while another is a gritty NFT project with a spunk.

The team struck a couple of successful collaborations come the last week. Ending on a high note in April fueled an infectious high morale in everyone in the H-Hedz family.




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H-Hedz Sharksquad

H-Hedz Sharksquad


H-Hedz is a collection of 8,999 unique and rare hammerhead shark and human hybrid NFTs crafted by a group of Filipino 3D animators called X1-Digital.