The First Ideal Government in History

These days, to think of a government devoid of corruption and ruled by reason and compassion is to think of paradise. This government is to our times what heaven was to our ancestors. It brings us a vision, a beacon of hope…the sun rising at dawn. In the vastness of space, there is only one place where such a government exists — Hzentro, the capital of Terakuwa.

Hzentro is located in the middle of the ocean-planet. It is ruled by the Ministry. All transactions, historical, and geopolitical records are accounted for there, and it is where their leaders and advisers reside. Hzentro is to Terakuwa what the cerebral cortex is to the human organism. It is the locus of intelligence and decision-making, with all its units working in perfect coordination like an orchestra. Their leaders promote not only justice but also compassion, the actualization of yin and yang in a tangible world. They stride along the corridors of government buildings with an aura of “integrity-guided power.” You see it in their stance — erect, open-chested, with both hands willing to extend to anyone needing their service.

Hzentro is also the planet’s defense hob. Their defense model is light years ahead of other planets. It is the only defense model in the inter-galactic community capable of protecting Terukuwa from the most powerful attacks without inflicting so much of a scratch on the enemy, if they wish to. Their weapon systems is so advanced that it controls energy with perfect precision, similar to an aikido master swiping an opponent and then catching him before his head hits the floor.

When you stand on a street in Hzentro, looking at its urban landscape, you’ll see an elegant marriage of technology and nature, peace and spontaneity, order and freedom. Sunrays kiss pavements, window panels, and grass with a bounce like it’s always morning. Since the birth of the current universe, civilizations across galaxies have been searching for the ideal government and defense system. Hzentro is the flowering of that storied cosmic history. It is a well-oiled machine, so polished it glistens in the darkness of space.




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H-Hedz Sharksquad

H-Hedz Sharksquad


H-Hedz is a collection of 8,999 unique and rare hammerhead shark and human hybrid NFTs crafted by a group of Filipino 3D animators called X1-Digital.